Algorithm March! with Ninjas!

February 14th, 2007 by eyal | Filed under Culture. | Print This Post Print This Post

Not much to smile about with regards to the market at the moment (at least for me). Instead I found this amusing.

4 Responses to “Algorithm March! with Ninjas!”

  1. Gav | 14/02/07

    Great video! LOL

  2. eyal | 14/02/07


    Happy new year Gav.

  3. Caravaggio | 15/02/07

    …surreal goings ons. I like it when the Ninjas come along. Nice !

  4. Eyal | 21/02/07

    Yeah Japanese content is “out of this world”.. from what I can see in Asia they’re the least influenced by Western culture, which is a good thing.

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