Big Mike’s Trading Blog: Tired of NinjaTrader?

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Big Mike who has had very extensive experience with NinjaTrader came to the same conclusion I have: the myriad of problems and hassles surrounding NinjaTrader – all versions: 6.5 beta and 7 alpha – are just not worth the effort and investment of time. Check out his blog post: Big Mike’s Trading Blog: Tired of NinjaTrader?. There are several good reads in his forum about alternatives for anyone trading with a DOM.

One good solution I haven’t seen mentioned is a combination of InteractiveBrokers and ZeroLineTrader. I like this combo for a number of reasons:

    1. IB’s TWS is rock solid, excellent stability and the broker itself is one of the more reliable ones (most of the time).

    2. IB’s commissions are very reasonable, at $2 they might not be the cheapest around but not that far off for a small retail trader either. For a nice comparison of commissions see HPT’s post here.

    3. IB’s universal account means I don’t need to split my account, I can trade stocks and futures in the same place. Including most futures contracts around the world.

    4. ZeroLine Trader platform itself has been rock solid with a lot of very nice options for a very reasonable price. There are other alternatives like the cheaper BracketTrader but it’s bare bones, and ButtonTrader which is too complicated and expensive to my taste.

Anyways, this topic of IB TWS+DOM (ZLT or others) probably merits a proper separate post of its own. But the main point is that there are many alternatives and options available that one should spend some time to find what works for them, which is a better approach then trying to force their trading on something that doesn’t work too well.

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8 Responses to “Big Mike’s Trading Blog: Tired of NinjaTrader?”

  1. Gav | 23/07/10

    I agree with you about IB. But I found it to be a little bit costly when trading FX with them. After paying the round turn commission for the trade I made, I still need to, again, pay the commission to convert the P/L back to my base currency.

    am I missing out something? Do you have any problem when trading futures with IB?

  2. eyal | 23/07/10

    Hey Gav,

    I can see why trading forex with IB might be a hassle. Why not just stick to Oanda?

    No issues with futures and IB, for some reason many futures traders prefer the smaller introducing brokers, maybe because of IB’s customer service horror stories? Not sure. Could also be because they’re probably a bit expensive for someone doing thousands or round trips a month. You can then negotiate better rates at other brokers.

  3. Gav | 23/07/10

    Oanda is good, and I’m still with them. I like IB as their ECN price feed and execution are almost flawless. Just the conversion of earning to base currency is still a pain to me.

  4. NinjaTrader revisited | Trader Eyal | 23/07/10

    […] see a more recent take on NinjaTrader and alternatives for trading futures through a DOM over here. In short, NinjaTrader has disappointed many traders who are now looking for more stable and […]

  5. barry6214 | 6/09/10

    Years of trial and error have taken me to Interactive Brokers, Investor/RT charting and Zeroline trader for execution. I use DTNIQ data feed for my charts, not IB’s feed. At least for me, this works great and gives me the most options with my account.

  6. eyal | 10/09/10

    Barry, yes I agree, that’s a very good combo.

  7. Bob | 22/09/10

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  8. Salvatore Recco complaint | 12/08/12

    I lost huge amount of money due to incompetence and unprofessionalism of Salvatore Recco, head of institutional services, Interactive Brokers Asia. Combined with their unstable systems and poor services.

    -Why I cannot get the most important transcripts and records from Interactive Brokers?

    -why they are no independent compliance officer in at Interactive Brokers Asia not linked to the trading PnL?

    How come Salvatore Recco and IB can block my complaint and not cooperate?
    Please help me what can I do againt them?

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