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I saw on MaoXian‘s chat transcript that some people were looking for budget scanners and screeners for intraday day trading so I thought this list may be useful for someone. Other than the QCharts> scanner which is quite good I also use these free ones. I now use QuoteTracker instead of QCharts and Trade-ideas, see link below.

Nasdaq Unusual Volume Unusual Volume
Nasdaq Pre-Market Most Active
MSN Money – Use the Delux to refine your search.
Small Cap Scanner

Well that’s it. It’s of course much easier and time efficient to use a top of the line tool for getting a job done but that’s obviously not always possible.

Let me know if you know of any other useful free scanner or screener.

– Edit –

To try out Trade-Ideas you can take it for a free test drive and see how useful it is for yourself.

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5 Responses to “Free intraday stock scanners”

  1. Baubo | 24/08/05

    Other scanners:

    There’s stockcharts. Also, optionxpress has a complex scan builder, but it is not quite real time.

  2. eyal | 24/08/05

    Hi Baubo, These look like end of day scanners..? I was focusing on intraday real-time ones. Thanks for dopping by anyway.

  3. JWU | 24/08/05

    thank you for the links! i’ve been looking for something like this. do you happen to know of a scan that will look for chart patterns? ie ascednding triangles?

  4. eyal | 24/08/05

    Hi JWU, You’re welcome.

    I don’t know of any free ones but there’s a good one which is almost free: at 9 bucks a month, works on EOD technicals only. Pretty good, I use it for longer term trades.

    You can also try which is somewhat programmeable and has both EOD and intraday. I used it briefly a year ago.

  5. phil | 25/09/08

    Check out, it’s amazing and free

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