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October 10th, 2006 by eyal | Filed under Techie. | Print This Post Print This Post

I first saw on Maoxian‘s links about the update to Google Reader. In the past I’ve used quite a number of readers, beyond the just install-and-remove-this-crap cycle I’ve used these to read feeds:

Sage extension in firefox
Akregator (Linux)
Google Personalized Homepage
RSS Bandit

As you can see it’s a mix of online and offline readers, the best ones were probably Akregator (Linux) and RSS Bandit (Windows). The online ones are usually too slow and inconvenient to use. But because I’m on quite a few PC’s it’s always been a pain to keep those opml exports in order. Well now I don’t need to because the updated Google Reader is just awesome. I really like the way it handles organizing feeds on the left side and the display in the main window. The keyboard shortcuts are also great and then you’ve got the familiar and nice Starring, tagging and integration with Gmail for forwarding via email. What more could one want.. well one thing which I do hope they’ll add is a better way to manage feeds, for one selecting the tag when you add a sub is an extremely desirable feature. Overall though, I’m now hooked on the new Google Reader. Which btw has been updated again since the recent major upgrade.

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