links for 2008-05-23

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  1. jeff | 23/05/08

    being a cheapskate, I used to use IBCharts too. Main advantage over QT is that it stores data on HD so you have intraday history as far as you like – no 10 days limitation. But otherwise it’s not on par with QT, and I’m not sure it’s still supported. would be interesting to read your impressions – those $7 a month I pay QT really hurt…

  2. eyal | 23/05/08

    Yeah those $7 tough to stomach.. I therefore bit the bullet and went with a yearly sub saving almost 30% a month! :-)

    ibChart actually looks quite good. It’s lighter than QT (has less features).

    I’m not likely to change over but it’s certainly an option for those who just use IB feed and don’t need some of the fancier features of QT.

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