links for 2008-09-19

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  1. Eshin | 19/09/08

    Hahah. You noticed SIN on as well.

    My colleague knows a few of the gals apparently.

    And yes, I will never buy a Brother printer again as well. The driver for Mac sucks and each time it doesn’t work I have to restart to get rid of their stupid warning pop-up. And now I know why I keep having to buy their ink cartridges without ever having printed that much…

  2. eyal | 20/09/08

    Ah yes I should have known there’s an acronym involved ;-)

    So did you go over there? I saw someone on ClubSnap who said he got his D90 already.

  3. Eshin | 20/09/08

    Indeed. Well, SIN sort of makes sense.

    Why would I? No real reason to except to oggle race queens. Photography trip? Yeah, with my Nokia N95, right. And I have no interest in shooting film these days with my N80.

    I read the same post. I think he pre-ordered an import and SG Nikon doesn’t respect worldwide warranties, only local ones. Heard that from a few people.

  4. eyal | 21/09/08

    Yeah too bad they don’t have international warranty. The dealers in each country are like mafia setting their own rules and prices. Despite the fact that all these cameras are made in Thailand they’re cheaper to buy and ship back here from the US than buy them from a local authorized dealer. I just got the SB-800 from the US, brand new with international warranty from an authorized dealer. It was cheaper than getting it here even after paying $50 for shipping AND another $30 for customs. For some reason many accessories are covered internationally but bodies aren’t.

  5. Eshin | 23/09/08

    Yep, the body is not covered. The lens for the kit was. Strange that.

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