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Recently I realized that I have quite a few monetary commitments and interests in the US denominated in USD so I started getting interested in opening a bank accountin the US. I tried checking with Citibank here but was offered a local multi-currency account as they don’t have a service for opening a bank account in the US for non-residents/non-citizens. The other bank I’ll be checking with is HSBC, I know they have offshore banking facilities in Channel Islands, but not sure if they can help with getting a US bank account+credit/charge card.

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7 Responses to “Non-resident US Bank Account”

  1. zbs | 6/02/07


    Most US banks provide checking/saving account for non-residents. You can check Bank of America and Washington Mutual as well.


  2. Eyal | 6/02/07

    Hi ZBS, I’m intending to check out BoA later today. They have a branch here. The main problem is not that I’m a non-resident but that I’m also not living in the US.

  3. VC | 7/02/07

    Check Everbank too. If you can provide an address in US that will be sufficient to open an account. Think of all the non-residents in US with accounts.

  4. eyal | 7/02/07

    VC, I’ll check it out. I don’t have an address in the US though, that together with not being there physically to sign docs is probably more of an issue than the non-residence status.

  5. US bank account | 1/01/08

    It’s very difficult especially if you don’t have an address in the US.

  6. sh65765 | 13/03/08


    In this web site are showed several ways for getting an US Bank Account for Non US Residents, in the sections “Free US Bank Account” and “Debit & Virtual Cards”.


  7. USA Virtual bank account | 6/08/12

    For non-resident I can recommend the Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card and you get also Real USA Virtual bank account

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