Seven Swords

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I’ve recently watched Seven Swordsand have just watched it again. It is quite a nice wuxia type of movie, btw this isthe edition you want to watch. The best thing about the movie was the army of the baddies led by genereal Fire-Wind. And in particular this girl which I can’t find in any cast list so I have no idea who she is..

Seven Swords

Update. After a bit more digging (I get obsessed when I can’t find something I am sure can be found online) I discovered her name is Chen Jia Jia (acting as Lieutenant Kualo in this movie) but I can’t find anything else. I think I’ll stop here though.

Err update 2. Not surprisingly I had more luck looking her up using her Chinese name 陈佳佳, so more pics can be found here and bio here.

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