Singaporeans “blur” on sex

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I couldn’t decide which part was funnier so here’s the full item :-)

S’poreans “blur” on sex

MANY Singaporeans have been seeking help from doctors on how to have sexual intercourse, Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday.Singapore Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) founder Dr Cheng Wei Chen said the hospital received several people every month, mostly university graduates, seeking their guidance on how to “do it”.

Its urology senior consultant Dr Lin Fa Cai said he once treated a woman who was married for 10 years and supposedly had sex more than 1,000 times, but was still a virgin.

Dr Lin said the husband, who had a doctorate degree, and his wife, who complained of being unable to conceive, sought help at the hospital.

“The couple told me they had sex about three times a week but when I examined the wife, her hymen was still intact.”

“He had a doctorate degree but zero knowledge on sex,” he said.

Another doctor, who declined to be named, said a couple in their 30s sought help from Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Medical Centre for failing to conceive after seven years of marriage.

He said he found no problem with the couple but later discovered that the husband withdrew just before ejaculating.

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2 Responses to “Singaporeans “blur” on sex”

  1. Gav | 5/11/07

    brilliant post! LOL…

  2. eyal | 6/11/07

    Gav – yeah I bet this phenomenon exists elsewhere too but for some reason it sounds funnier and goofier when applied to S’poreans :-)

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