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Update to my Best Trading Books Ever

September 22nd, 2010 by eyal | 2 Comments | Filed in Personal development, Reading, Resources, Stocks, Trading Resources

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my list of Best Trading Books which I recommend to traders looking to up their game. And there’s a good reason for that, I didn’t see anything interesting out there that would make it as a “Top Trading Book”, that’s till I recently came across this fantastic book. First I need to say this isn’t a paid or incentive driven review, I didn’t get a free book, and I have absolutely no affiliation with the writer. I just think that One Good Trade is a damn good trading book which almost any trader can benefit from.

I did skip the first couple of chapters (mostly prop trading related) but then instead of skimming through to the end like I would do with most new “get rich quick” / secret formula trading book for stocks / futures / options and all other instruments on the planet, I actually started seeing some really good material in it which kept me reading. It’s like one of those gem of a trading book that Dr. Brett Steenbarger publishes (his 2 books Enhancing Trader Performance and The Daily Trading Coach are absolute must read).

The author of One Good Trade, Mike Bellafiore covers almost everything you can think of in terms of the journey to becoming a good trader. From specific advice on Tools of Success:

  • Keep a detailed Trading Journal
  • Replay trades in your head like old school traders
  • Talk trading with other traders
  • Use video review individually, and as a group
  • Practice on a trading simulator—Secret Project X
  • To real world examples and explanations on sound trading building blocks such as

  • What is a stock in play?
  • What is a good stock intraday?
  • The importance of picking the right stock
  • and how to find these stocks
  • And more advanced stuff such as reading the tape, high frequency trading, when to press your winners etc.

    Even if you’ve read dozens of trading books in the past (who hasn’t..) I would still encourage you to pick up this one.

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    Sectors heatmap and Google Finance

    August 26th, 2009 by eyal | 2 Comments | Filed in Day Trading

    There’s an interesting post over at Brett Steenbarger’s blog on viewing sectors performance during the day. I find it more and more useful myself when looking at the market. It doesn’t tell you of course what’s going to happen but it helps frame a bias for the day and acts as confirmation/non of other analysis. Anyway I thought I’d another tool along the same lines. This one from Google Finance. In the past I’ve always defaulted to Yahoo!Finance for the (relatively) rare occasions I needed to check up on a ticker and see what’s the company behind it. However recently I’ve started using Google Finance more and more, they keep rolling out new stuff and making improvements to layout and content. So here’s what their sectors overview look like. I like the clean and easy to read format.

    Stock Market Sectors Summary Heatmap

    If Google is listening, then what would be really neat is if one could edit the list of sectors. Would be nice to see some bonds in there and also foreign markets.

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    Ultimate Trading Education Webinars List

    August 26th, 2009 by eyal | 3 Comments | Filed in Day Trading, Resources, Trading Resources

    So I’ve been spending the whole summer getting some education, opening my horizons, getting exposure to different speakers, trading instruments, methods and styles. I thought it will be useful for someone out there to list all the resources I’ve come across over the last couple of months.

    Before I do that though I need to caution that not all trading webinars are created equal, some were really good and gave ideas I could pursue almost straight away, and some were just pure sales pitch. It’s difficult to know in advance which would be which, a lot also depends on your areas of interest, current level of trading expertise and which type of trading you’re attracted to and trying to pick up or improve on. Nevertheless I think it’s been a really good summer in terms of going beyond my usual trading style and comfort zone.

    If you know of other relevant trading webinars sources, either free or with minimal cost such as opening a brokerage account (no $4995 webinars please) then feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

    Webinar Source Type of Material

    MB Trading – Stocks Options Futures Forex Online Discount Trading

    Mostly MB Trading platform webinars but also a few strategy ones.

    Advantage Futures Seminar Center

    Mostly Futures trading, technical and instrument focused.
    Trading Kingdom * Automated Systems
    * Chart Patterns
    * Futures Basics
    * Trading Psychology
    * Currency Fundamentals
    * Market Profile
    * Commodity Trading
    * Research Reports

    Futures and FOREX Web Seminars –

    Mostly Futures trading but also some general ones like Japanese Candlestick trading

    Trading Education. MIRUS FUTURES. Trade the markets like an elite trader.

    A long list of webinars on both general and futures specific topics. New ones added regularly.

    CME Group Materials

    * Technical Analysis
    * Fundamental Analysis
    * General Trading
    * Psychology of Trading

    thinkorswim webinars

    Mostly platform related but also a few trading ones such as Linda Raschke’s LBR material.

    InteractiveBrokers Recorded Webinars

    Lots of webinars on TWS, which are bound to teach you something new. And also good trading material like the ones on Options basics.
    FuturePath – Members Only Some high quality material here from top gurus (most recent one I watched was by Brett Steenbarger) but requires an account with Futurepath.
    INOTV One of the largest resources of trading webinars on every imaginable, and unimaginable, topic out there. A few of them are free, the rest require subscription but the quantity and quality is  unparalleled.

    Infinity Futures

    Platform webinars but also general trading ones like trading psychology, strategies and tactics.

    Zaner Webinars and Seminars

    Various webinars and seminars on general trading topics such as trading psychology, trading as a business and handling volatility.

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