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Brilliant Youtube Advertising

October 28th, 2010 by eyal | 1 Comment | Filed in Techie

Very creative, and fun, at least while it’s novel. Will people block this out technically and mentally like they do with advertising banners now? If they keep the interactivity interesting the ads might stand a chance. Potentially huge revenue source for Google, finally will be able to monetize Youtube?

H/T to Mark Moussafir

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HTC Legend, Froyo update and Nexus One

August 1st, 2010 by eyal | 1 Comment | Filed in Techie

Did a bit of geekery work this morning. My wife got the HTC Legendplus this cool accessoryover the weekend and joined the Android family, she totally digs it. I also noticed that since I got my device the Android Market has grown significantly and now has a ton of cool new apps.

Anyways, playing with the Legend prompted me to finally take care of the nagging message I’ve been getting on my Nexus that told me there’s a system update for my device. I haven’t updated my phone in a while. I was running the first Froyo build (FRF50) that I installed just as it came out but since then there’ve been a few more updates, more official ones. I’m not sure why I got the OTA (over the air) notification for the update as I rooted the device and I’m running a custom recovery (RA) and I read it wasn’t supposed to go out to such devices. Also when I clicked the OTA message there was nothing to install.. but it kept coming back. So I got the FRF91 full update zip plus the root zip and flashed them both (skipping FRF83, FRF85B as I already had Froyo radio from the FRF50). All was done via the nice RA recovery just booting in bootloader, scrolling to the zip file, clicking on it and waiting. Oh yes, I did do a full Nandroid backup beforehand just in case.
Everything installed fine, the first boot after flashing a new ROM takes a while, a few minutes instead of 30 seconds, and those minutes look pretty long :-) but as long as you’re not flashing a new radio component the risk of bricking the device is very low, so I’m told (do at your own risk blah blah). The first few minutes after everything booted up things looked slow and I was starting to get worried. I know it takes a while for it to settle in, I didn’t do a wipe or anything just installed on top, so all my apps and data are still there and I’m guessing it re-populates and checks some db’s with this stuff, but still slowing down is not nice. It took another reboot and everything is now even snappier than before the update. Good update from Google as I always.

Back to the HTC Legend, since it’s a HTC device rather than a Google one it had the HTC Sense on it, I was really impressed with it. Lots of small improvements and UI polishing over the stock Android that my Nexus is running. It has more eye candy, kindda like iPhone type of usability tweaks for the Android. I would not hesitate to get a HTC with Sense, such as the HTC Desire, as my next phone in the future. In fact I liked the HTC keyboard so much that I looked it up online and apparently I’m not the only one liking it as some good folks in the community extracted the APK’s and made them available for other Android users. I already had a couple of different keyboards installed so I’ve got the Sense one as well now which will probably see the most use. I could get the full Sense UI installed on the Nexus as I saw it’s available and was done but I think I’ll just pick and choose the components I like instead of changing the whole thing. Might be too much bloat getting the full UI.

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Incase snap case for Iphone 4 anyone?

July 23rd, 2010 by eyal | No Comments | Filed in Techie

So Apple is giving away this Incase snap case for Iphone 4 for free which got me thinking about changing my phone case.

I’ve never had a rigid or a silicone case but I’m open to trying it. Either something like that snapcase or maybe this case might be even better, as it looks extremely well made.

I really like the original case that came with the Google phone but it’s starting to wear out, it’s made of neoprene, so it ain’t gonna last long. And I can’t find a reputable seller anywhere who sells the original thing. Plenty on eBay sell similar cases, quite cheap (no $29.99 prices ;-) ) but even with the cute Android logo on them it’s pretty obvious they’re not genuine.

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Apple iOS 4.1 Update Fails to Fix iPhone 4 Signal Loss

July 14th, 2010 by eyal | No Comments | Filed in Techie

Apple iOS 4.1 Update Fails to Fix iPhone 4 Signal Loss.

A test of the iOS 4.1 beta still shows reception dwindling to near nothing when putting the iPhone 4 in the signal-draining “Death Grip.”

No kidding.. the patch didn’t make the antenna move inside the case? :-) Personally, I’d much rather get thisone. As for Apple, maybe in the next patch they can try another approach, sending an electric shock to the holder’s hand whenever the phone is in the “death grip” to remind users whenever they are holding it “the wrong way”.

Apparently there’s a press conference scheduled for tomorrow, maybe a recall in the works?

And a personal anecdote, last weekend a long time user of iPhone I met had some hands on with my Google Nexus One, they liked everything about it, were impressed with the features of Android, in fact couldn’t find anything they didn’t like, but their conclusion was: “Hmm I’m not convinced” :-) As someone wrote before: that is the real “death grip” of Apple, on its customers.

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Sectors heatmap and Google Finance

August 26th, 2009 by eyal | 2 Comments | Filed in Day Trading

There’s an interesting post over at Brett Steenbarger’s blog on viewing sectors performance during the day. I find it more and more useful myself when looking at the market. It doesn’t tell you of course what’s going to happen but it helps frame a bias for the day and acts as confirmation/non of other analysis. Anyway I thought I’d another tool along the same lines. This one from Google Finance. In the past I’ve always defaulted to Yahoo!Finance for the (relatively) rare occasions I needed to check up on a ticker and see what’s the company behind it. However recently I’ve started using Google Finance more and more, they keep rolling out new stuff and making improvements to layout and content. So here’s what their sectors overview look like. I like the clean and easy to read format.

Stock Market Sectors Summary Heatmap

If Google is listening, then what would be really neat is if one could edit the list of sectors. Would be nice to see some bonds in there and also foreign markets.

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NZ online for porn, sheep

May 24th, 2006 by eyal | No Comments | Filed in New Zealand

Haha this was so funny..

Kiwis are looking for rugby, sheep and porn when they go online, although not necessarily in that order, says web search giant Google.

New Zealand tops the rankings for several searches compiled by the company for its Google Trends page, which tallies the number of web searches for a word by city and country and compares them with the overall number from that city or country. A top ranking means the area has the highest proportion of searchers looking for that word.

Kiwis rank first for searches for “rugby” and “sheep” and second for “porn”, just behind South Africa and ahead of Australia.

Our “She’ll be right” attitude may be just a sham, too, since New Zealanders also take first place for “happiness” and “misery”.

New Zealand beats all other countries, even the United States, in searches for “obesity” and “fat”, but is only sixth in searches for “diet”.

New Zealand punches above its weight in several categories, including first for “lesbian”, second for “ghosts” and third for “shag” and “blokes”.

But if the man drought exists, it is not clear on Google. New Zealand ranks second for “girlfriend” but eighth for “boyfriend”.

The original article.

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