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December 7th, 2010 by eyal | No Comments | Filed in Day Trading

Lots of cool new stuff from Google these days. An eBook store (watch out Amazon), a cross platform eReader (Kindle on the sights) to go with it, new Google Nexus Two S (S? Because Samsung doesn’t like to be number two), touted as “Best phone on the market today”. Android Gingerbread with a number of usability and speed improvements. Motorola tablet (10 inches?) running Honeycomb. 3D Google maps, VOIP built-in, and all kinds of customizations for Tablets. I’ve have some hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab the other day (and also the iPad), Samsung has done an excellent job with the Galaxy, it was a real pleasure to use. The smaller screen and form factor were much more convenient and easy to hold and play with than the heavy iPad.

Anyways, so far I’ve got the Gingerbread keyboard flashed over to replace the Froyo stock keyboard. But this presents a problem… I like Swiftkey, Swype and the new Gingerbread keyboard, which one should I use?? Decisions.. decisions.. (if you’re an iPhone user you’re probably snickering right now ;-) ).

I’m now on Froyo 2.2.1 build FRF83 and can’t wait for the flashable ROM with the new 2.3 Gingerbread, yes I am a geek. I’m not likely to change from Nexus One to S, the changes are too small to be worth it and some things I like about the One more, like having the option to change the SD card instead of the built-in 16GB of the S.

I should probably do another post of my favourite Android apps. Since the explosion in the number of apps on Android recently there are some really awesome ones I’ve installed like replacing the stock browser with xScope (looks and behaves almost like desktop Chrome).

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HTC Legend, Froyo update and Nexus One

August 1st, 2010 by eyal | 1 Comment | Filed in Techie

Did a bit of geekery work this morning. My wife got the HTC Legendplus this cool accessoryover the weekend and joined the Android family, she totally digs it. I also noticed that since I got my device the Android Market has grown significantly and now has a ton of cool new apps.

Anyways, playing with the Legend prompted me to finally take care of the nagging message I’ve been getting on my Nexus that told me there’s a system update for my device. I haven’t updated my phone in a while. I was running the first Froyo build (FRF50) that I installed just as it came out but since then there’ve been a few more updates, more official ones. I’m not sure why I got the OTA (over the air) notification for the update as I rooted the device and I’m running a custom recovery (RA) and I read it wasn’t supposed to go out to such devices. Also when I clicked the OTA message there was nothing to install.. but it kept coming back. So I got the FRF91 full update zip plus the root zip and flashed them both (skipping FRF83, FRF85B as I already had Froyo radio from the FRF50). All was done via the nice RA recovery just booting in bootloader, scrolling to the zip file, clicking on it and waiting. Oh yes, I did do a full Nandroid backup beforehand just in case.
Everything installed fine, the first boot after flashing a new ROM takes a while, a few minutes instead of 30 seconds, and those minutes look pretty long :-) but as long as you’re not flashing a new radio component the risk of bricking the device is very low, so I’m told (do at your own risk blah blah). The first few minutes after everything booted up things looked slow and I was starting to get worried. I know it takes a while for it to settle in, I didn’t do a wipe or anything just installed on top, so all my apps and data are still there and I’m guessing it re-populates and checks some db’s with this stuff, but still slowing down is not nice. It took another reboot and everything is now even snappier than before the update. Good update from Google as I always.

Back to the HTC Legend, since it’s a HTC device rather than a Google one it had the HTC Sense on it, I was really impressed with it. Lots of small improvements and UI polishing over the stock Android that my Nexus is running. It has more eye candy, kindda like iPhone type of usability tweaks for the Android. I would not hesitate to get a HTC with Sense, such as the HTC Desire, as my next phone in the future. In fact I liked the HTC keyboard so much that I looked it up online and apparently I’m not the only one liking it as some good folks in the community extracted the APK’s and made them available for other Android users. I already had a couple of different keyboards installed so I’ve got the Sense one as well now which will probably see the most use. I could get the full Sense UI installed on the Nexus as I saw it’s available and was done but I think I’ll just pick and choose the components I like instead of changing the whole thing. Might be too much bloat getting the full UI.

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