Trading Work Station pics

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Here are the before and after pics of my work area. Doesn’t look like a dramatic change but the additional screen space is quite substantial.

P.S. My desk doesn’t look this tidy on a normal working day ;-)

Laptop trading station

New trading work area



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14 Responses to “Trading Work Station pics”

  1. Andrew | 6/04/08

    What’s the chair?

  2. eyal | 6/04/08

    It’s a local brand I got in a shopping mall called MBK, I looked for a chair for a long time till I settled on this one. It wasn’t cheap, about US$200. The best thing about it is the adjustable height of the arm rests which help reduce elbow and wrist RIS / OOS.

  3. Andrew | 6/04/08

    I have looked at the chair Charles Kirk uses, looks tempting but expensive.

    I have to tread the line between comfortable and too comfortable as otherwise I would be having to evict the cat every time I return to the office :)

  4. eyal | 6/04/08

    What does Kirk use?

    You can consider this for the cat :-)

  5. Andrew | 6/04/08

    The captain’s command chair..,1592,a10-c440-p8,00.html

    They are in the range of $800 AUD if I remember correctly last time I looked.

    I usually offer him a few of his favourite snack bites to get him off my chair, otherwise he’s likely to want to bite me as he doesn’t like moving.

  6. eyal | 6/04/08

    Looks impressive.. And they have a reseller in Bangkok, I half wished they didn’t so that I’m not tempted :-) I’ll have to check it out when I get a chance.

    Good thing he doesn’t settle on your keyboard.. otherwise you’d have to blog about: how my cat ate my trade ;-)

  7. Ugly | 6/04/08

    That’s funny – I have the exact same desktop background.

  8. eyal | 7/04/08

    Well, great minds.. ;-)

  9. Tomer | 11/05/08

    You use Vista on apple computer?

  10. eyal | 12/05/08

    I use XP Pro via Bootcamp. Works just like a normal Win machine.

  11. Mulek | 10/04/13

    Hi, How did you connect two screen to your macbook?


  12. eyal | 10/04/13

    I used this product:

    I don’t use this setup anymore btw, I’m using a proper PC hooked to 3 larger screens.

  13. Mulek | 10/04/13

    Thanks for the help!

    What does workstation looks like now?

  14. eyal | 10/04/13

    I might do a post about it at some point but basically I am using these:

    PC server with Intel i7, 14GB RAM, Samsung 256GB SSD, 2 NVidia GPU cards, 3 Dell UltraSharp 23″ LCD monitors connected directly via DVI, 2 ADSL connections via CISCO SRP547W triple WAN modem/router, CyberPower 1500VA UPS.

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