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ZZ, I got filled bloody 1/5 of the quantity I put in. Those damn specialists. Admittedly I was late to find this one so entered a limit order instead of market but it traded through my price a couple of times before shooting off. Bummer.

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  1. gerimegaly | 21/02/07

    Hi Eyal,

    just wanted to let you know that other than my futures-trading blog, I’ve started Trading Chart Patterns at http://tradingchartpatterns.blogspot.com
    Do swing by to have a look. Cheers!

  2. gerimegaly | 21/02/07

    thx for dropping by so quickly after my message…BTW, any comments as to how to improve this new blog…I am constantly striving to improve my trading blogs.

  3. eyal | 21/02/07

    hi gerimegaly, looks like a nice blog. it’s not really my trading style so i can’t really give you too much feedback. the key will be to have fresh content going to keep people interested – unlike my blog ;-) good luck.

  4. gerimegaly | 21/02/07

    Hi Eyal,

    thx for your frank comments…
    Yup, you are right… I need to constantly fill it with fresh & good content. All the best! and thanks again…

  5. eyal | 21/02/07

    :-) Good on you. I messed it up quite badly. Mucked around with the orders etc.

  6. eyal | 21/02/07

    NICE might be setting up for you on the 30min.

  7. ZZoomie | 21/02/07

    TY, but i am done for the day. Trading mornings only.

  8. eyal | 21/02/07

    Good call, it didn’t go anywhere past mid-day.

  9. Glenn | 21/02/07

    gerimegaly is a blog whore. Other peoples content, full of ads, multiple blogs, F’er

  10. gerimegaly | 21/02/07

    Glenn, pls don’t “stain” my fellow blogger’s blog. Want to flame me, do it like a man and do it over at my blog.

  11. gerimegaly | 22/02/07

    Sorry Eyal, for the unpleasantness caused…

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